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Graphic archive registration disabled

haltSince the spammers registering at Graphic archive greatly outnumbered actual painters, user registration has been disabled. The primary function of the Archive is being easily accessible storage for templates and graphics, not a place for development and comments. So, disabling registration does not change much.

  • If you wish to use Graphic archive as an author, please contact me (VS) or Vilvoh, preferably on forum.
  • If you just want to browse and download files, no registration is needed – all content is visible to guests.

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New version of TileCutter released

After a long break, an alpha version of TileCutter has been released. This new version offers a new and improved UI with Makeobj integration and one-click export, a completely re-written cutting engine, the ability to save and load project files and a better translation system and integration with SimuTranslator (by now, only german and spanish translations are included)

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