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Simutrans Experimental 9.12 released

Today James released version 9.12 of Simutrans Experimental. This is predominantly a bug-fix release, which fixes a number of issues identified in the previous version, and incorporates some GUI fixes from Standard, but also adds one new feature: a better handling of gradients.

The development versions of standard Simutrans can be found at the nightly page.

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Nightly with overhauled UI

The current nightly shows the things to come for the new simutrans graphical user interface. Apart from the focus, which allows near fully keyboard operation of all dialogues, there is now a stick button in the window title. Sticky windows will not close on backspace: very helpful to get rid of error messages during lengthy management operations. Or to have always a map window open.

And the new GUI allows even for skinable scrollbars. Here is a screenshot of a different theme at work.


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